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700Mhz band clearance

UK – A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd (AC-ET) have provided Welsh National Opera with a new surtitling system, utilising AlphaPIX2 by PROLIGHTS LED video panels.

Ofcom’s 700MHz band clearance has been confirmed and you have until 26th April 2019 to apply for funding for new equipment.

To clear the 700 MHz band for new mobile data services, PMSE users will cease to have access to the 703 to 790 MHz band from 1 May 2020 – 18 months earlier than previously indicated.

The UK Government has decided to fund a grant scheme to support PMSE equipment owners that have to vacate the 700 MHz band earlier than expected.

Clearance won’t officially come in to play until 29th May 2020, but all registrations for PMSE equipment government’s compensation must be done by the April 2019 deadline.

If you have any wireless microphone or in-ear monitoring systems that can currently operate within the 700MHz band and ‘Guard Band’ (694-790MHz), you could be eligible for the compensation scheme.

Other than the ability to operate in the 700MHz band there are a few additional stipulations for eligibility:

  • You must have held a licence in the 700 MHz band between 17th October 2014 and 23rd August 2018, or be able to prove the business is solely based on hiring out equipment and therefore does not require a licence (dry hire only)

  • You can only claim for equipment owned by yourself.  Proof of ownership is required for claims over £6,000

  • You must have purchased the equipment before 23rd August 2018

  • The equipment being claimed for must be in working order


Click here to view the official PMSE equipment funding rate card or to register your claim click here.

Contact us now to get your competitive pricing for replacing your old 700MHz systems. Along with access to the leading radio mic brands; including Shure, Sennheiser, Audio Technica & AKG, our Audio sales team have extensive RF and product knowledge so do not hesitate to contact them for help configuring your replacement system!

If you require further information, or to discuss a replacement system please contact AC-ET’s Audio sales division on +44 (0)113 255 7666 or email