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“A.C. Sister Companies” Support MBSE Global Technical Teams With Major Luminex Delivery

Leading lighting rental house, MBSE, have made a significant investment in over 500 Luminex network and lighting distribution devices. This substantial acquisition was supplied by sister companies A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) and A.C. Lighting Inc, to the MBSE technical teams on both sides of the Atlantic.

Created specifically for the entertainment industry, Luminex products are becoming increasingly responsible for managing the data behind many of today’s fixture heavy productions. Extremely capable and simple to use, Luminex systems provide the cutting edge solutions necessary to handle complex lighting data distribution. This blend of power and simplicity allows crews to manage even the largest network setups, without the need to call on a separate IT expert.

AC-ET’s Brand Development Manager, Neil Vann comments,

In my opinion, Luminex has established itself as arguably one of the industry’s leading standards for data distribution. The attention to detail and ability to make sure that everything on set reacts as it is supposed to, exactly when it is supposed to, makes these products an incredibly important part of an installation. When it comes to reliability and simplicity, in the studio or on location, Luminex really are a leader in this field. We are delighted to be supporting MBSE, both in the UK and the US with this industry leading hardware.

Speaking about the recent investment, MBSE UK Technical Director, Steve Howard says,

MBSE has been consistently supporting crews the world over, on some of the most important productions of the last few years. With the advent of ever more creative technology being used on set, the need for robust data management has become an essential ingredient. Through “A.C. sister companies”, these Luminex units provide us with exactly what’s needed to handle even the most complex lighting designs.

The Gigacore switches and Luminode Ethernet/DMX processing units included in the MBSE delivery are incredibly powerful lighting tools. Capable of handling up to 300 universes, with reliable, simultaneous control over multiple fixtures, they are helping cinematographers and crews stay in control, leaving them free to focus on their art.

Neil adds,

The increasing appetite for ‘in-set’ LED and in camera effects which we are seeing, has led to a growing demand for data and communication protocol systems. Luminex are driving forward the creative application of such technology. It really is fantastic for “A.C. sister companies” to be providing equipment which helps production teams achieve some truly stunning results.

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