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Illuminate Lighting Invest in Luminex LumiCore

**UK** – Rental and support company, Illuminate Lighting have further invested in Luminex, becoming one of the first in the UK to take delivery of the new LumiCore, which was supplied by Luminex’s exclusive UK distributor, A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd. (AC-ET).

Illuminate Lighting & the Luminex LumiNodes

Working on a range of events in various industry sectors, including touring and film & TV, Illuminate Lighting prides themselves on supplying cutting edge control systems for their clients, meaning they are always looking out for the latest innovative technologies to add to their offering.

Having previously invested in Luminex LumiNodes, Illuminate Lighting chose to add LumiCore to their rental stock because of the flexibility it provides in setups, along with its large amount of processing engines which enables users to route and manage large volumes of lighting data.

Illuminate Lighting’s Managing Director, Jonathan Pask commented;

The LumiCore is the ideal product for our flagship lighting control racks, it provides the power and flexibility for any situation. Recently announced in firmware v2.3.0, the ability to split the input, output and management of the LumiCore into different Groups on the network with different IP addresses will be invaluable for us because it allows complete control over the flow of lighting data.

Tramlines Festival

LumiCore had its first outing for Tramlines Festival, which took place in Sheffield last month. Illuminate Lighting was there working on behalf of Zig Zag Lighting, looking after front of house on the main stage, ensuring that all the consoles and guest Lighting Designers were provided with everything they needed to integrate with the festival rig and have a smooth show.

Jonathan continued;

The LumiCore performed brilliantly at Tramlines! We were using it to seamlessly switch between the various consoles at front of house and control what data was sent to the house lighting rig. By separating the input and output of the LumiCore onto separate groups ensured that any guest consoles couldn’t send unexpected data to the house rig if they weren’t being forwarded by the LumiCore. This provided a smooth and seamless changeover between guest Lighting Designers with no freezing of the lighting rig or bad data being sent by an incorrectly setup console from a previous show.

Neil Hunt of Zig Zag Lighting Ltd. added;

For Tramlines there were multiple floor packages with their own control consoles being used by the artists on Main Stage meaning we needed to handle several different consoles on each day of the festival Illuminate supplied the solution with their new Lumicores and their custom interface which meant that no matter how complex the systems being used, switching from console to console was seamless at the touch of a button. They provided a system that made our job easy. Every artist was provided with their exact data requirements and integrated into the house system, tidily and smoothly without the need to manually switch, re-patch or reconfigure systems between acts.

Illuminate lighting have a busy summer line-up and will be utilising their new LumiCores on a number of upcoming festivals.


Stuart Burdett, AC-ET’s Video Sales Manager commented;

It is always our pleasure to help our friends at Illuminate Lighting out with some of the latest innovations. We look forward to seeing the exciting projects they use their new LumiCores for. We know they will make a great addition to their already impressive product offering.

As we have come to expect, service from AC-ET is second to none, especially from Stuart Burdett who has always supported us when we need product quickly in this fast-paced industry. We have certainly seen in the last 18 months why it’s important to have an account manager you can rely on, and we certainly have that with Stuart.

Concluded Jonathan.

Please note, in certain countries Luminex products may not be available from A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd (AC-ET). The rights and ownership of all trademarks are recognised. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information is correct, AC-ET accepts no liability for errors or omissions. Technical specifications and data are provided for guidance only. Because manufacturers constantly aim to improve their products, they reserve the right to amend or alter at any time and without prior notice, the specifications of any product. E&OE.

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